Worth seeing

Exhibition of works of visual S.I. Witkiewicz Pomeranian Dukes' Castle On this one in Poland and the world's permanent exhibition of works exhibited Witkacy is more than 120 pastel portraits. Several oil paintings and drawings

St. Mary's Church of the Holy Rosary - Gothic, three naves, built in the second half. Fourteenth century 

New Gate - built in the second half of the fourteenth wiekuw Gothic

Town Hall - the neo-Gothic monument was erected in 1901, the seat of city authorities. In 2003, opened to tourists the Town Hall tower where there is a gallery of portraits of rulers and presidents of the city 

Witches Tower - built in the fifteenth century as part of the defense walls. Then rebuilt in the seventeenth century in prison, mainly for women suspected of witchcraft. It is now the showroom Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art 

Chapel. George-built in the Gothic style in the early fifteenth century 

Catholic church. Jack - Gothic, nave, built in the XIV. It contains gravestones Ernest Bogusław Prince de Croy and his mother Anna

Public Library - the former Church of St. Norbertine. Nicholas. The building was built in Gothic style

Mill Gate - built in the fourteenth century in the Gothic style. Was considerably damaged during World War II, reconstructed in 1980. Today it houses the Museum conservation lab of Central Pomerania in Słupsk ..... and many other monuments 

Slowinski National Park is located on the coast of the middle, between Leba and Rowy Lowland Gardneńsko - Leba, in Pomorskie. The northern border of the park is 32.5 km long coast of the Baltic.

Shifting sand dunes (dunes) along with four shallow lakes przymorskimi an oddity on a European scale. 

Village Museum as a museum Slowinska farm has existed since 1963 were Kluki village, in which long preserved relics of the material culture of the native population.